Chair staff gives the university course of Atomic Physics based on the program, developed by academian E. P. Velikhov and expanded by chair professors Yu. K. Zemtsov and A. M. Popov as well as docent S. S. Krasilnikov. This course contains fundumental information on the history of quantum ideas and quantum mechanics mathematical apparatus basics and also introduces the latest achievments of atomic scale microworld physics.

Chair staff also provides general Atomic practical work, which is a part of the faculty course "Atomic Physics".

The students of chair are trained in the undergraduate program "IB_FIZIKA" («ИБ_ФИЗИКА») (direction 03.03.02 "Physics") and master's degree "IM_FIZIKA" («ИМ_ФИЗИКА») (direction 03.04.02 "Physics"), and is aimed at providing high professional training of graduates with simultaneous formation of a broad scientific horizon on modern problems of atomic and laser physics, physics of low-temperature plasma, microelectronics.